On a high and falling tide impressive nos of redshank, dunlin, plus curlew, lapwing, oyks, plus a group of 12 ringed plover (notable as the first ringed plover I have seen within Cardiff boundaries this year despite lots and lots of looking), pintail, teal, wigeon (wigeon just in gwent), also kestrel, sparrowhawk, redwings, nearby flock of fieldfares (first of year for me), chiffchaff, stonechat

Cardiff authority area

Had a go at seeing/hearing as many sp by bike in the cardiff authority area – reached 82 (plus wood warbler out of area) Nothing truly remarkable but good to see first cuckoo and garden warblers of the year (by Garth Mtn), plus several lesser whitethroats, wheatears (RGW), lots of redstarts below garth, common sandpipers in C Bay – alas really missing any winter ducks or waders. Only embarrassing miss was no treecreeper. But it was a great way to spend a sunny day! ( I am told the record is 97!)

Hamadryad park and RGW

Drake garganey still in pond Hamadryad park, Cardiff bay this evening. Loiters in rushes at the back of the pond near the swans nest. This morning on RGW lesser whitethroat, 4+wheaters, countless whimbrel – they seemed to be everywhere. Another lesser whitethroat at CCReen and a third at Rumney Est

Forest farm/ stock doves

Late afternoon stroll produced stock doves in 4 quite different locations, totalling 11 birds. Remarkable for a species that is 1) pretty scarce, 2) only appeared here for the first time a couple of years back. An added bonus was the late sun catching the back of their heads – revealing a bright pink/fluorescent nape – simply stunning.

Cardiff city boundary

With a kestrel, I have just reached 100 sp within the Cardiff city boundary for 2021. I must add that all birds were seen (cettis heard) by foot or by exercise on bike, i.e., all compliant. Just goes to show what is on your doorstep, and there are plenty of migrants still to come.