Cardiff Bay

Good numbers of duck in the wetland reserve area including female ring necked duck, scaup, and pochard. Goldeneye out near the sails. Also rock pipits and a common gull (by Channel View). (I assume the l t duck is still around but didn’t spot). Good to see Matt and Peter – thanks guys (great start to my cycling/walking year list)

Covid 19 bird race

For the  past 35 years I have done a bird race (ie how many different species in a day) with a group of friends. Circumstances led to new rules: two 1 hour trips within 24 hr but two different days, no cars permitted, plus as long as you could manage in your garden during that time. While I am in N Cardiff my compatriots were in N Lancs (near Leighton Moss), Peebles, and W of Edinburgh.  Astonishingly we reached 110 species – I do not lie.  Leighton Moss had a big part to play but I managed 51 species, including hawfinch, kingfisher, wood warbler, and jay (I mention the last because they can be impossible in May). Lesser whitethroat was a blocker (they are singing away on Glamorgan flats but too far to go)

Noting John Wilsons Covid shutdown list, I have reached 78 – all on foot or on bike (typically with no bins) – if only I could get to the coast.

But the challenge has definitely made life more bearable.  Lets just hope there is no repeat in 2021.


Two female blackcaps in our N Cardiff back garden – something I would have missed if I weren’t stuck here. I suspect there will be some interesting garden sightings over the next few weeks. first brimstone

Bute Park Monday mid-day

No less than two firecrests foraging together (plus one goldcrest in the vicinity).  Using the space between the dock feeder stream and N Road ie East of the dock feeder where there are no paths.  Found between 30 and 100m north of the road bridge access  into the park, as they foraged heading north.  (This is on  the E border of Bute Park)

Castell Coch and OOC

wood warbler singing in same spot as last week in Castell Coch woods, close to the road.  Male and female goosander on Taff in Bute Park – unusual for this time of year

OOC  Lancashire and S Cumbria   ‘bird race’ on 18th May  134 species in one day    including 17 wader species, 4 tern sp, arctic skua, hooded crow, manx shearwater, osprey, little gull, red grouse    commonest bird not seen/heard was jay

Saturday morning

Siberian chiffchaff and good company at parc slip,  4 cattle egrets porthcawl, Slavonian grebe and g w egret at kenfig all found almost instantly, makes a change. Most remarkable bird of the day was a shag hunting in the melin griffiths feeder at Forest Farm, I had to rub my eyes.