Forest farm/ stock doves

Late afternoon stroll produced stock doves in 4 quite different locations, totalling 11 birds. Remarkable for a species that is 1) pretty scarce, 2) only appeared here for the first time a couple of years back. An added bonus was the late sun catching the back of their heads – revealing a bright pink/fluorescent nape – simply stunning.

Cardiff city boundary

With a kestrel, I have just reached 100 sp within the Cardiff city boundary for 2021. I must add that all birds were seen (cettis heard) by foot or by exercise on bike, i.e., all compliant. Just goes to show what is on your doorstep, and there are plenty of migrants still to come.


Black redstart on rocks near end of CC reen. Water pipit to east of Blockhouse, also peregrine, wigeon, pintail, chiffchaff and a splendid peacock (bird not butterfly) on adjacent lane.

Cardiff Bay

Good numbers of duck in the wetland reserve area including female ring necked duck, scaup, and pochard. Goldeneye out near the sails. Also rock pipits and a common gull (by Channel View). (I assume the l t duck is still around but didn’t spot). Good to see Matt and Peter – thanks guys (great start to my cycling/walking year list)

Covid 19 bird race

For the  past 35 years I have done a bird race (ie how many different species in a day) with a group of friends. Circumstances led to new rules: two 1 hour trips within 24 hr but two different days, no cars permitted, plus as long as you could manage in your garden during that time. While I am in N Cardiff my compatriots were in N Lancs (near Leighton Moss), Peebles, and W of Edinburgh.  Astonishingly we reached 110 species – I do not lie.  Leighton Moss had a big part to play but I managed 51 species, including hawfinch, kingfisher, wood warbler, and jay (I mention the last because they can be impossible in May). Lesser whitethroat was a blocker (they are singing away on Glamorgan flats but too far to go)

Noting John Wilsons Covid shutdown list, I have reached 78 – all on foot or on bike (typically with no bins) – if only I could get to the coast.

But the challenge has definitely made life more bearable.  Lets just hope there is no repeat in 2021.