Had a short, curtailed break in Oxwich Monday/Tuesday this week. Monday evening a Tawny Owl was calling from woods to the North of the beach. Over breakfast in the morning gloom on Tuesday I had the pleasure of watching two species of Woodpecker from our holiday chalet at the same time. I was watching a GreenW/P in a cherry tree not very far away when I noticed a “Great Tit” on a feeder beyond.However when it turned I saw it had a long beak and the face markings of a Spotted W/P. Before I could do any better it flew off low over the lawn. I realise the chances are it was a Great W/P but could it have been a Lesser?


Spent a pleasant hour (while my car was in the nearby Toyota Garage)in the company of a Dipper. It was on the opposite side of the Ogmore amongst the large boulders just upstream of the footbridge between Wild Mill and the A4063.It seemed to be enjoying an unlimited supply of food that it was pecking off the surface of the water and hardly moved more than a few yards during that time. It was still enjoying itself there when I left. Sometime during the hour a couple of Grey Wagtails flew downstream between us.

Boverton etc.

Tuesday morning 4th August Green Woodpecker flying North over M4 1 mile south of McArthur Glen.

This morning, over garden, 3 Buzzards and 2 Ravens uneasily sharing a thermal. Then, 2 short bursts of a Green Woodpecker calling and a GS Woodpecker on a nearby dead tree.

This afternoon on a cycle ride saw another Green Woodpecker flying near Llanfihangel and then, a mile north of Llanmaes, a Polecat ran across the road in front of me

Boverton, St.Donats, Wick.

c.30 Swifts heard (first) and then seen high overhead half mile east of St. Donats,1530. Red Kite half mile south east of Wick 1545. On relaxing with a cup of tea on the patio back at Boverton watched a Peregrine circling high above at about 1700. A minute or two later he circled again carrying some small prey before heading North and a minute or two later we watched him again, circling high over us for about five minutes – this time sans prey and with about a dozen Swifts above him.

Between Boverton and St.Brides Major (almost)

We did 3 consecutive early morning bike rides (Tuesday to Thurs.) via Llantwit,St.Donats,Marcross Broughton to the junction with the B4265 plus a couple of diversions to Nash Point (Fulmar,Stonechat,Meadow Pipit). A total of 39 species seen and/or heard. Notably only 1 raptor (Buzzard), 5 singing Yellowhammers, only 2 Swifts (Llantwit Church), no Long Tailed Tits and the only House Martins were over our estate in Boverton.


Red Kite over the estate Saturday 1120 and also this morning (Monday)1000. Also on cycle ride to and from Aston Martin Sat. afternoon :- 1 Yellowhammer heard, 1 Willow Warbler heard, 1 Whitethroat seen and heard. Sorry about late posting computer down but fixed now.