New Back Garden bird today

The only birding that I can do is also in the garden. Over the 40+ years I have lived in this house in Coity, Bridgend we have had some good birds – Black Redstart, Whitethroat on several occasions, Mistle Thrush, Sparrowhawk plucking a Sparrow on the patio, Barn & Little Owl over the farmland that used to be at the back (now gone to houses), the two Woodpeckers – Green & Great Spotted and Red Kite overhead on 3 occasions. Today we had a new bird – a Stock Dove feeding with the Woodpigeons & Collared Doves. Not a bird that I thought would frequent a garden. I was digging the veg plot at the time, so no chance to get a photo.

Firecrest still at Bute Park

Am Sat between 9.45 – 11.45

Location: Take the track alongside the feeder north from the Music College to the buildings at Blackweir. Some 150 yards from Blackweir, there is a large Rhododendron bush on the bank of the feeder on the right of the track. The firecrest was in the bushes over the feeder opposite this large bush. Patience is needed. Saw it twice in the 2 hours I was there!

Reply to Andrew McGleish Gull query on Twitter Jan 19

I have not seen L. f. fuscus for a very very long time (30+ years). According to Olsen & Larsson ‘ Gulls of Europe, Asia and N. America’ , adult winter L. f. fuscus has the upperwing black with NO contrasting wing-tip (the photo shows a distinct contrast).

2nd Winter L. f. fuscus should have strong head markings around the eyes and on the back of the head, bill should have black subterminal markings and coverts brownish tinged.

It is a pity there was no photograph of the bird flying away.