Following a small movement ssw of 1,100  on 22nd and 4,000 on 27th there was a large movement ssw over Canton and Leckwith this morning: c 62,000 birds passed over with the greatest numbers between 7.30am and 7.45 am when 20,700 were counted. Birds still passing over when counting ended at 9am.

Woodpigeon movement

Another big Woodpigeon movement over Leckwith, with smaller numbers over Canton. Movement SSW as usual. 24,200 birds passing in one hour between 08.15 and 09.15. Two large flocks of about 500 birds “fell” from quite a height into Company’s Wood, Leckwith. Smaller numbers continuing after count ended.

Canton and Grangetown

Reed Warbler singing in scrub, Canton, 200 metres away from river. Sanatorium Park, one Whitethroat singing. Leckwith Hill/Ely Trail, Grey Wagtails holding territory. Grangemoor Park, two Whitethoats singing; one Cetti’s singing. Watkiss Way/Ely River, one Cetti’s singing