Grangemoor Park

Lesser Whitethroat singing. First I’ve heard here this year.

Ely Trail west of Penarth Road, Reed Warblers singing at two sites.

Sanatorium Park, two singing Whitethroats daily throughout this month.

Greenfinch singing daily at Grangemoor Park, along Ely River Trail and at Sanatorium Park being quite a change following their almost absence a few years ago.

Ely Trail Leckwith

First singing Willow Warbler yesterday (3rd). Greenfinches singing in four localities along the trails ever since early March and back to their status here of several years ago. Cetti’s singing at four locations along the Ely between Leckwith Hill and Grangemoor Park. Blackcaps (6) well installed.


A single singing Chiffchaff on the Ely Trail between Leckwith Rd and Penarth Rd.

A group of six Greenfinches was a surprise here.

Seems that the regular Cetti’s have shifted location down river towards the Bay–haven’t been singing regularly along the Ely (trail) since last late summer.