Pwll y waun lake, Newton

A group of 9 or 10 swifts over the lake yesterday evening in quite cool blustery conditions. On the water itself Coots and Moorhens already with young as have the pair of Canada geese, although it seems at least 3 goslings are missing from 2 days ago, leaving only 2. No sign of any mallard ducklings and the pair of mute swans don’t seem to be nesting yet.

Kenfig dunes & River mouth

Several chiffchaff singing from the small stands of woodland throughout the dunes, 2 Blackcap singing plus my first Willow Warbler this spring. Female Goshawk soaring overhead was unexpected. Meadow Pipits and Skylarks everywhere. Rivermouth reedbeds – 3 Shoveler, 3 grey heron, at least 4 or 5 Cetti’s warbler singing, a calling Water Rail,  13 Gadwall and 12 Lapwing, the latter 2 spooked into flight by a beautiful male Marsh Harrier quartering the reedbeds.

Siberian Chiffchaff , Newton

Earlier this afternoon a pair of Chiffchaff were moving through the vegetation fringing Pwll y waun lake, but on closer inspection both looked generally pale grey brown above with largely white underparts, no real olive hues at all. I managed to get good views for several minutes and managed to get a pic whilst one stopped to preen in the winter sun. Didn’t hear them call but the plumage definitely suggests Siberian Chiffchaff although the pic, with the sunshine, generally makes the plumage appear warmer than with the naked eye at the time.

Pwll y waun & zig zag lane Porthcawl

While scanning the lake this morning there was a sudden cacophony as well over a hundred, mostly Black Headed Gulls with several Herring Gulls screamed and whirled above. The reason was what looked very much like a Goshawk, broad winged and long tailed, but it’s sheer size was what was noticeable, much bigger than the 2 brave Carrion Crows that escorted it as it flew back inland. I’ve seen them several times in the hills and forests in central Glamorgan but wasn’t expected one so near the coast in open countryside. Without doubt the hundreds of Woodpigeon in the area are a big attraction.

Pwll y waun lake & zig-zag Lane, Newton.

There are now 10 Goosander on the lake, probably made up of those I saw on the Wilderness lake. Donkey fields, zigzag lane- 100+ Black Headed Gull, 4 x Common Gull, 8 x Herring Gull, 14 x Curlew.

Just getting home when a MALE BLACK REDSTART popped onto my neighbours fence, there for a few seconds, just enough to get my bins on it ( not that I needed them, only yards away) then in dropped down the other side. Hopefully, if it hangs around I’ll get a pic. I love living in Porthcawl


A Chiffchaff was a nice surprise in the garden this afternoon, possibly the same bird seen by the lake at Pwll y waun before Xmas. That’s in addition to the 2 birds at the Wilderness a few hundred yards up the road. Also great to have about a dozen Green finches coming to the feeder along with the Goldfinches and usual tit species.

The Wilderness lake, Porthcawl

A late afternoon stroll around the park starting at the marshy area at the north of the lake. Besides the usual resident Mallard ( plus hybrids), Coots and Moorhens there were a few notables. A Peregrine circling overhead, 3 Teal (2 males and a female), a male Pochard, 2 Chiffchaff, 7 Goosander ( 2 adult males,3 redheads & 2 young males almost in adult plumage with just the last hint of russet on their otherwise green/black heads) and 5 Mute Swan ( parents + 3 fully grown cygnets).


Fields adjacent to zigzag Lane – 20 Curlew, 70+ B.H.Gull, 5 Common Gull, a very indifferent Buzzard atop a hawthorn with several rabbits scurrying below and also a Peregrine that flew in low, just clipping it’s unidentified target and producing a puff of feathers before flying off.