Mewslade to Common Cliff (and back)

Worked all the coastal valleys and sheltered ground between the Mewslade Valley and Common Cliff.
Mewslade: 3 spotted flycatcher, numerous chiffchaff, several blackcap. Didn’t linger, and BS and NE later revised to 5-6 spotted fly and also recorded a garden warbler.
Ram Grove: spotted flycatcher, 2 male blackcap, 2 chiffchaff (1 singing)
The Knave: spotted flycatcher, whitethroat, chiffchaff, blackcap.
Foxhole Slade: whinchat (nice 1st winter).
Chough at Ram Grove (2) and The Knave (2). Peregrine at Common Cliff. Chiffchaff common in all sheltered scrub. 11 wheatear along the stretch (at least 5 at Mewslade).
Huge movement of swallow this morning, and almost as many meadow pipit (all east). Wagtails also moving (inc grey). A couple of wagtails that had landed at Butterslade were albas.
Nothing offshore (stopped for lots of scans) other than gannets, shags and gulls
Common sandpiper at Limeslade first thing.

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