The Hobby was still around this morning. I saw it briefly as it disappeared over Cogan Wood, having come from the W lake direction. It was seen yesterday afternoon hawking dragonflies over W lake, and has been seen over the children’s playground area. A flock of c. 50-60 Hirundines was over W lake and higher this morning, comprised of House Martins and Swallows. I had a brief Sparrowhawk yesterday and a couple of Chiffchaffs at the far end of E paddock, plus what I am sure were 3 Redwing. If they called I didn’t hear it, although that’s par for the course these days! but they flew over me in silhouette so no markings seen but the flight was typical Redwing and they dived into cover in a bank with lots of Hawthorn berries. I searched that for a while but couldn’t locate them. A pair of Stonechat are hanging out around the snipe paddock.

One thought on “Cosmeston

  1. Paul Seligman

    On Friday, I attended a funeral at Cardiff’s, Western cemetery (Ely). As the mourners threw earth onto the coffin, I watched a Sparrowhawk circling and swooping. You can’t turn off the birding.

    I should say that I was largely there at my father’s request as he felt too unwell to attend. I knew the deceased from my childhood, but was not close. If I had been – would I have noticed the hawk and heard the numerous Goldcrests? maybe they’d be a comfort.

    John – can’t make Ogmore or Steart (annoying, I wanted to come but we have visitors).

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