Most of the action around the fenced off area of west paddock – 2 Tree Pipit , 1 Spotted Fly , 4 Blackcap , 1 Garden Warbler , 4 Chiffchaff , 3 Willow Warbler , 1 Common and 1 Lesser Whitethroat . 1 Redstart on posts at lake end of west paddock . 1 each of Buzzard , Sparrowhawk and Raven over .

2 thoughts on “Cosmeston

  1. John Wilson

    Excellent! What time was this? I walked past there a little after 12 [admittedly didn’t stop v long] and saw b****r all!

  2. Rich Brockway

    Hi John , was there between 7.45 – 10.45 . Saw the redstart early on and came across a mixed flock at about 9.30 which contained most of the warblers listed as well as about 12-15 long tailed tits . The flycatcher was in the hedgerow just past the fenced off area in west paddock .Other than that flock it was generally quiet .

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