Coast path LLantwit to St Donats Oct 12th afternoon

Green Woodpecker heard near St Donats, also Peregrine flying west. Back nearer to Llantwit, 6 or so Swallows also flying west. Have not seen the regular lone Wheatear there for a few days now. Met a couple who had seen “Alpine Crows” with red beaks near to Nash Point last year.

4 thoughts on “Coast path LLantwit to St Donats Oct 12th afternoon

  1. John Wilson

    Hi Andrew – we have resident Coughs along the Heritage Coast and they are usually seen around the Nash Point area and along to Cwm Nash, and have been seen as far west as Southerndown or even Ogmore. Basically they wander up and down the Heritage Coast stretch and occasionally breed.

    1. andrewclewis32

      Thank you I will certainly keep my eyes skinned – another unexpected bonus of moving here from Lincolnshire. Best wishes Andrew

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