2 thoughts on “Culverhouse Tesco Car Park

  1. Paul Seligman

    What an unexpected sighting that must have been! I’ve heard a few this year but I don’t recall seeing one in 2019.

    1. andrewclewis32

      thanks Paul . I am not very high tech so have only just read this. Yes I always like to see or hear owls and we were a lot “better off” when we lived near the Wash until July 2019. Often seeing Barn Owls, Little and Tawny Owls and occasionally Short ears and one memorable winter I was able to show my daughters a Long-Eared Roost with about 10 residents. Since coming to Llantwit you may have read my single report of 2 or 3 Tawnies calling as they moved along the railway line behind our house but , to use a popular phrase, so far this has been for “one night only” so the Culverhouse sighting was quite a local rarity for me. Best wishes and also for the reply to my Dipper sighting – (strange behaviour as it was motionless for a long time although I had watched one on the River Cothi in Carmarthenshire doing the same thing not long before.) . Andrew lewis

      On Sun, 22 Dec 2019 at 09:08, Glamorgan Bird Club wrote:


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