Llwyncelyn (Porth) to Llanwonno forest.

Single Red Kite over Penrhiwgwint, a pair of Stonechats, several singing Skylarks & Meadow Pipit. As we got up on the plateau I scanned a scoured field and picked out a Lapwing keeping a wary eye on a Buzzard perched on a nearby stone wall. 20 yards away was , I presume, the female, stock still and possibly on eggs/young. If this is a breeding pair, its the first I’ve seen on this hill since the ’80s. Further sightings include 8+Willow warbler, 1× Whitethroat, Crossbill, 2×Swallow, 1× Reed Bunting, 8+ Sand Martin

2 thoughts on “Llwyncelyn (Porth) to Llanwonno forest.

  1. Paul Seligman

    I am envious of those with such nice walks near their homes! But it’s Ok, compared to those in inner cities without gardens, I am lucky.

    1. Richard Morgan

      Yes, we are very fortunate to have these wonderful hills around us, and all within a easy walking distance. And unlike the beacons practically devoid of people.

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