Boverton to coast along course of River Colhugh(mostly)

3 female Blackcaps (just fledged), Willow Warbler singing behind Ysgol y Ddraig, 2 Grey Wagtails under bridge at Llantwit. (Yesterday at high tide a seal swimming up the channel about a quarter of a mile offshore.)

2 thoughts on “Boverton to coast along course of River Colhugh(mostly)

  1. Paul Seligman

    Andrew, all recently fledged Blackcaps look like the female. I believe the darker feathers of the male’s cap appear during the first winter (I haven’t checked that). The seal must have been a surprise?

    1. andrewclewis32

      Dear Paul, thanks very much for your help with the Blackcaps-I did have a small voice of doubt in my head at the time so had intended to check up on that so now I know thanks. Yes first seal we’ve seen at Llantwit but not sure how unusual it is.There were no surfers there at the time.Best wishes Andrew

      On Sun, 14 Jun 2020 at 13:51, Glamorgan Bird Club wrote:


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