4 thoughts on “Craig Gwilym, Creigiau

  1. Paul Seligman

    Also, where are the ‘Old workings’? We walk in the area from time to time, including quite recently, but not sure which area of Craig Gwilym you refer to.

    We saw redstarts.

    1. gwaelodnick

      Between 4 and 5 in the afternoon. Grid reference is 084832. As you come down the ridge on the public footpath from Soar, the path drops down on the north side of the ridge. there is a distinct tump just before the old quarry workings and the Wood Warbler was in the trees to the south of the tump. We think we heard other Wood Warblers along the path south towards Tyn-y-Coed Road.
      We had good sightings of Redstart this afternoon in the wood to the north of Garth Hill in the Lan Farm direction just off the footpath leading west from Lan Farm.

      1. Paul Seligman

        Thanks, very helpful, we do walk past that area, we’ll look more carefully next time.

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