Maerdy Water treatment works

I was talking to one of the site operators at Maerdy works this morning and we got onto the subject of birds, as you do, and he told me about this large bird of prey that landed here back in the summer( Here are the pics his colleague took). Neither of them thought it to be a Buzzard, it looked larger if anything. My first thought was immature Goshawk but the supercilium is a bit indistinct and the feathers on its wings look a little uniform in colour. Incidentally this is the exact location where I found a predated red legged Partridge last May. Any ideas?

4 thoughts on “Maerdy Water treatment works

    1. Richard Morgan

      Hi Allan. I’m not sure it’s a buzzard, no banding on the breast at all and the eye colouring definitely look like Goshawk , however I could be wrong.

  1. John Wilson

    All. I have it on good authority that this is in fact an adult Bonelli’s Eagle, which undoubtedly is an escapee.

    1. Richard Morgan

      Wow! I wish I’d seen it myself just to get a better idea of its size , shape and markings. I’ve contacted the guy on site asking if there was any sign of falconers gear on the legs, I’m awaiting a reply. Nearest breeding population is in southern France and central Iberia, tagged juveniles have been tracked as far north as the french side of English channel. Incidentally favourite prey is rabbit and Red legged Partridge!

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