Penarth & Cosmeston

On 7th we walked along Penarth clifftop starting in sunshine and then the fog rolled in. I did get a first of the year Kestrel, and a Wren and the usual House Sparrowds were active in the clifftop bushes!
Today, 8th Jan we went back to Cosmeston. There were 2 Green Woodpeckers in W paddock [looked like a pair but couldn’t get close enough to be sure]. Heard 3 Nuthatches in Cogan Wood but not a single one showed! The lower Dovecote sloping field had a pair of Stonechat [new for year] and about 10 Fieldfare, and in the car park, Redwing were on the central grass area, and another new bird in the form of a Siskin was with Goldfinches in the car park trees. Siskin are a bit of a rarity there these days. A Song Thrush posed nicely in Ivy by the exit.

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