Some unusual behaviours?

On a walk from Boverton to Llanmaes and then through fields to Frampton this afternoon saw the following:-

Pair of Bullfinch beside the B4265 – the male was hovering above a Hawthorn / Ivy / Bramble branch dropping down now and then to apparently pick things off the tops of the leaves – at one time he was doing a good imitation of a Hummingbird as it picked things off the side of said branch.

Flock of 21 Skylarks disturbed in a stubble field, also 1 Reed Bunting and 2 Yellowhammers and a few House Sparrows in a nearby hedge.

Single Redwing feeding in a grass field- I have never come across one completely alone before.

On return journey 1 Little Egret flying west and later a single one stood in the Colhugh (?) stream just S of Llanmaes.

5 thoughts on “Some unusual behaviours?

  1. andrewclewis32

    Thanks Helen, I regularly heard and saw Yellowhammers in the same vicinity as my post, last Summer and yes I would love to know what the Bullfinch was so interested in – I was watching him acting like that for about five minutes and he was seemingly oblivious of me, which was handy.

    1. That is lovely, so rare to see bullfinches at close quarters , they are so beautiful and usually shy, whatever they were doing must have been completely absorbing . Maybe one day we will learn what they were up to. I had a sort of similar experience on Newton beach where from a distance I saw jackdaws, flying up and then dropping down, a number of them going up and down like yo yo’s . I was able to get quite close as it was a squally day and they were engrossed. I think that they were picking off crustaceans from the rocks and then dropping them on to the rocks to break the shells! I would love to hear a yellow hammer again, all being well I will visit the site where you heard them at some point not too long away.

  2. andrewclewis32

    Yes one of my favourite birds. We lived on the Lincolnshire fens for 35 years and you very rarely see any there (but you do see them on the wolds).On the subject of Bullfinches, I worked on a massive fruit farm in Kent for a year in ’76 and there were 2 chaps whose sole job for a month or two in Spring was to walk the orchards taking pot shots at them.I haven’t come across the Jackdaw phenomenon but will keep my eyes open – when I can!

    1. Gosh that is shocking isn’t it and not that long ago really, at least we are not openly shooting birds anymore. I have never been to Linconshire but it is on the top of my list. I also never picked fruit as a job but always imagined it was great fun and indeed I love to pick fruit in the the garden.
      To keep the chat bird congruent today in the garden a dunnock,great tits, blue tits, a coal tit ,a multitude of long tailed tits, house sparrows,greater spotted woodpecker, several blackbirds, a robin and a red kite above, a normal day really, sometimes the starlings visit. What joy!

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