A pair of Stonechat are back on territory where they bred last year, in the area of the sapling plantation overlooking Sully Brook just outside the southern border of Cogan Wood. The male was singing and display flighting for the female this morning. Not sure I have ever heard the actual song of a Stonechat before in all the years I’ve been birding. Slightly reminscent of Dunnock but more ‘fluty’. Buzzard displaying this morning too.

3 thoughts on “Cosmeston

  1. Nice observation, John. Yes, Stonechat song is a very simple warble, like Dunnock. The big surprise to me was the first time I heard Whinchat song, which is much more melodic and very nice to listen to. I’d assumed, without any basis, that they would be similar. If I am lucky, I may hear and see both these birds on my BBS squares near Bedlinog, although Whinchat has become very scarce in the last few years, and Stonechat have moved into their former, higher, territory.

    I hope we are allowed to do BBS in 2021. There will come a time when the terrain is too tough for me (and Janet). I’d like to go on while I can.

    It’s a risk-free activity as far as Covid is concerned, and I wrote to BTO Cymru asking them to pro-actively make the case to the Welsh government for continuing this voluntary activity, which ultimately feeds data into Government indices. I’ve been told that conversations take place with representatives of the 4 governments via the JNCC.

    1. John Wilson

      Cheers Paul. I used to regularly hear Whinchat on Rudry Common where there was a regular pair, when I used to visit whilst I was still working in Newport. Haven’t been there for years.

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