Wood Street bridge, Cardiff

Two slightly surprising observations as we walked across Wood Street bridge yesterday afternoon after the rugby*.

Three Goosander were on the Taff, a sight I expect more in winter.

Then I noticed some small greenish birds flying across the Taff which looked like Siskins. I was doubting my tentative conclusion, as the habitat and ultra-urban location seemed wrong, but then realised that there were more birds in the trees alongside the pavement. These were calling and even singing, and I was able to confirm the identification.

* Not a great game, but nice to be at one at all after all this time.

2 thoughts on “Wood Street bridge, Cardiff

  1. John Wilson

    Hi Paul
    Interestingly I had 4 on the Taff by Hamadryad Park during an evening stroll at 8 p.m. on 16th June. There were 3 redheads and a drake.

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