GBC Portland Obs weekend

A liitle after the event as I was not able to attend and have been away wth no WiFi internet. Alan Rosney lead the trip with limited numbers due to restrictions rightly imposed by the Obs staff. Sounds like it was very successful with 92 species seen in the 3 days. The total list includes birds seen in a visit to Steart Marshes in Somerset, I guessing on the way home. The full list can be seen by clicking here. Scanning though it, highlights in order from the list have to be Red-throated Diver, Balearic Shearwater, Glossy Ibis, Commomn Scoter, Marsh and Hen Harriers, Little Stint, Jack Snipe, Caspian Gull, Short-eared Owl, Woodlark, and Common Rosefinch. The list is helpful in that it indicates where each species was seen. Thanks for Alan for compiling it.

4 thoughts on “GBC Portland Obs weekend

  1. Thanks for sharing. Checking Alan’s list against mine (shared previously wit the participants on What’s App, I found I had omitted to record Mute Swan, Tufted Duck, Reed Bunting and Jay at Lodmoor. That brings the total that Janet and I saw to 87. There were at least 8 species Janet and I missed either because we didn’t go to Steart (G Plover, L Stint), or because we did less sea watching and aren’t too good at distant birds (B Shearwater, Guillemot, Scoter, Caspian Gull), or somehow didn’t hear pointed out at Lodmooor (Jack Snipe) or can’t remember if we saw/heard (Cettis).

    So that means the group should have seen at least 95 species (87 that we saw + 8 we missed). But according to this post, the group had 92.

    Comparing the two lists is really quite hard because my records are maintained in IOC taxonomy sequence (with BOU names where different) and Alan’s list is in some other, quite different, order.

    I have spotted one missing from the group list: there were Coot at Lodmoor. If anyone wants to look for the others, my latest list is copied here:

    I also think it’s unlikely we didn’t see any feral pigeons, but neither list has them. I think near where we parked for Lodmoor – anyone remember?

    Perhaps next year we can really try and get 100!

    1. John Wilson

      OK sorted, you have in addition [I’ll tell Alan]:-
      Greylag [Lodmoor]
      Coot [Lodmoor]
      Moorhen [Lodmoor]
      Black-headed Gull [everywhere!] – surprised that one’s missing.
      Goldcrest [Obs]
      Wren [Portland fields]
      Redwing [Lodmoor]
      To be fair it’s difficult keeping note whilst birding at the same time.

  2. John Wilson

    Thanks Paul – diligent analysis as always! 🙂 Re Al’s list it apears to be in Voous order [remember that], when Divers were at the top of the list. I’m only going on what Alan sent me. BTW the Tweet said 93 but I think that included the header row of the spreadsheet that Alan prepared, hence the 92 in the pdf I created from it. I’ll maybe have a look vis-a-vis yours, as very few others look at these GBC sightings pages, but I do have some last minute adjusments to the EGBR before I finally get it to the printer.

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