Cefn Onn nov.5th

Whilst on a visit here to hopefully get some autumn foliage photos,a Buzzard flew into the wood

landing on a branch.I took a few photos of it,i didn’t check the photos until later.I noticed it had a very unusual tail colour.

The only Buzzard i can find in Collins with a similar tail colour is a Steppe Buzzard,surely it couldn’t have been one of these.Comments please.

3 thoughts on “Cefn Onn nov.5th

  1. John Wilson

    Hi Allan. Hmmm certainly interesting. Seems to be overall grey on the upperparts and even the face looks plain greyish. The tail is finely barred but doesn’t have a distinctly black terminal band so it doesn’t look right for an adult Buzzard anyway. Poss a juv? The pale patch on the back of the head and the greyish appearance suggested Sparrowhawk to me, but that could just be ruffled feathers, plus the tail barring is too fine. I’ll copy the pic over to social media to see if anyione else has any thoughts.

  2. John Wilson

    Hi again Allan. I took a screen shot of your photo in this post and posted it on the South Wales Birding Facebook page for comment. The concensus was that this was just a Common Buzzard and one very experienced birder there said that he had seen quite a number of Common Buzzards over the years with this colouring in the tail. …. OK I just checked the other photos on Gwent Birders FB – definitely a Buzzard and an immature judging by the tail barring.

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