Cefn Onn nov.5th

Whilst on a visit here to hopefully get some autumn foliage photos,a Buzzard flew into the wood

landing on a branch.I took a few photos of it,i didn’t check the photos until later.I noticed it had a very unusual tail colour.

The only Buzzard i can find in Collins with a similar tail colour is a Steppe Buzzard,surely it couldn’t have been one of these.Comments please.

Cardiff Bay W.R.

Whilst walking to my car,parked next to St.Davids hotel,i noticed a number of Starlings on the hotel roof.Then something spooked them and to my amazement there were at least 1000 birds.They flew towards the reserve but i couldn’t relocate them.I’ve never seen a murmuration in the summer before!! 21h30-21h40