30+ Fieldfares on the open ground towards dragonfly pond,also several Redwings with them.

6-Sand Martins over west lake and a Chiffchaff in same area.

Another 6-Sand Martins over a sheltered spot at the east end of the east lake.As I saw these Martins when returning to the car park,they were possibly the same birds. 10h15-11h50

Forest Farm/Radyr Weir

11-Snipe from the bigger hide,at the weir 1-Dipper with nesting material,4-Goosanders 2m+2f above the weir.Also 4-Mallards 2m+2f just above the weir were feeding in a way I’ve never seen before in dabbling ducks.They were all diving continuously whilst I was there.I have only seen Mallards dive to escape danger,but not this time,they were feeding,very strange.11h00-12h00

Cardiff Bay

1-ad-Med. Gull with BHGulls on concrete jetty up river at rowing club jetty.It had a wide red ring with numbers and/or letters on its right leg which I couldn’t read.Also it had a narrow silver coloured ring on its left leg.Should have had my scope,with hindsight!!