Pwll y waun lake, Porthcawl

8 Goosander have now joined the usual waterfowl. 4 x redheads, 2 x 1st year males (adult plumage starting to show through) and 2 adult males. The 2 old boys looked particularly good in yesterday’s sunshine.

3 thoughts on “Pwll y waun lake, Porthcawl

  1. NICE! My favourite UK waterfowl. I’m ashamed to say I don’t know where Pwll y Waun is, and Google Maps doesn’t seem top know – can you enlighten us? Possibly seen it without knowing the name.

    1. Richard Morgan

      Good morning Paul. Pwll y waun is a small lake ( about 1.5 times bigger than a rugby pitch) just off the Nottage Newton Road in Porthcawl. Its popular with fishermen and people feeding the ducks but it’s got its got a quiet, secluded end fringed but alder and willow trees. The usual common waterfowl species are present and, judging by the juveniles, breeding. These include Coot, Moorhen, Mallard & Mute Swan ( 6 cygnets this year)& Canada Geese. Cormorant and Black Headed Gull are using the pool now plus the odd Grey Heron. So along with the Goosanders its quite a busy little lake. I’ll obviously be looking out for rarer birds during the winter months, especially as it’s literally on my doorstep.
      Ps it’s directly opposite the donkey fields on zig zag Lane which attracts Curlew and BH Gull along with the odd little Egret and Common Gull, especially at high tide.

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