Butterfly Identification

I know this is a birdwatching site but any lepidopterists out there who could help me with this species. It was feeding on lavender in my garden in Newton, Porthcawl this afternoon. It’s either a high brown fritillary or a dark green fritillary ( not sure of sex). Unfortunately I didn’t get a pic of its underwing.

4 thoughts on “Butterfly Identification

    1. Richard Morgan

      Hi Paul, I’ve sent sighting to Sewbrec with details. Going by location ie relatively close to areas of rough grassland/dunes and slight difference in wing markings I’d say it was the much commoner Dark Green, but there is a small localised colony of High browns not too far away, however they are ,apparently, very sedentary so unlikely to be a HBF. Thanks for advice and links. 👍

      1. Acc to my research male Dark Greens and High Browns in partic are virtually impossible to isolate. The critical features are on the underwing it appears. John Wilson

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