Whitethroat numbers now building up, with 4 or 5 singing – but a pleasant surprise was a Lesser Whitethroat singing loudly right above our heads at the north end of the Common. Good to hear Green Woodpeckers in at least 3 different areas (they have become very scarce in this area) and hear one lone Goldcrest singing, our first anywhere locally in months ! The Redstart was singing again only 3-400mtrs away north of Beddau Rugby Club, a location we have never suspected before – in complete contrast to 2 days ago at our closest known location, Caerau Llantrisant, where we drew a complete blank on Redstart (or, indeed, anything else – mind you, it was a mid-day “exercise walk”

Thursday 23 April – Llantrisant Common

On one of our exercise walks, from the house in Beddau, at approx. 0645, amazed to see an OSPREY flying slowly but steadily, exactly north, at perhaps twice tall tree height, over the Common – possibly en route from overnight local water roost (Hensol Lake ??) towards potential breeding site in Mid-Wales or even Scotland.

Another 37 species joined it on our complete list as submitted to Birdtrack – included Raven carrying food for young, Stock Dove singing, Redstart singing (a first for us in this vicinity) – other summer  visitors included several Whitethroats (at last), lots of Willow Warblers and Blackcaps, several low-flying Swallows (again, at last).

10km square ST08 PONTYPRIDD AREA

Of course it only takes a simple comment (last week) about the “norm” of no Kestrels or Cuckoos to guarantee both turning up today – bizarrely, there were 3 cuckoos singing late morning – it was like turning the clock back to the 1970`s ! A total of 49 species included Wheatear (agitated pair), at least 5 Redstart territories (including fledged young and a pair with food for young), 2 singing Tree Pipits, Stock Dove, Stonechat, Reed Bunting,Siskin and Redpoll. 3 Pied Wagtail sites and 2 each of Green and Great Spotted Woodpeckers were welcome and a Goldcrest singing from a patch of gorse (as well as 1 singing in our garden yesterday) suggest what we have previously suspected is a bumper year for the species.

10km square ST08, centred on LLANTRISANT

2 local walks in ST08 this week, totalling approx. 7hours, produced 53 species – included confirmed breeding Dipper with young in nest, female Sparrowhawk just failing to take a non-ID pigeon right in front of us, male Wheatear at previously known breeding area, 5 singing Tree Pipits, Redstart, Stonechat pair, 4 singing Wood Warblers. No Kestrel or Cuckoo, as has become the “norm”.