I’m asking

Is this a Tree Pipit, it hell of different from my offer image of Meadow and Rock, i took the image at Parc Slip this afternoon – just before a storm arrived and with every bird in the area up in tree singing their hearts out, so don’t ask about the calls. I have put the image on facebook {Uk Bird Identification} result even split, as new starter help ? taking Pic’s is easy part.

Parc Slip – Bridgend

This morning on the Pond was Grey Heron fishing – Cromorant on a post both first for me at Parc Slip – along with Greylag – Canada Geese – Tufted Duck – Teals – Mallards – Little Grebe – Coots – Moorhen – Magpies – Carrion Crow then for small birds Meadow Pipit – Blue Tit – Great Tit – Blackbird – pair of Long-tailed Tit – House Sparrow – heard a Wren and to finish loveily sighting of Red Kite floating over

Pair of Choughs

This morning 14 March, pair of Choughs, less then twenty mins walk from Ogmore beach car park, just passed the stone walls, first sun in wrong prosition, as the red of beak and feet hiden. The calls and shape of the beak confirmed Chough but pair happy carried on feeding in the grass allowing me to find ideal prosition, so able have at least fifteen minutes to just watching until a Dog and owner pushed past.

Porth Teigr

1 March 2022 a visit to Porth Teigr, yes Black Redstart also small flock goldfinches – Pied Wagtails 4 Goosanders – 4 Great Crested Grebe [summer]- Mallards – Coots – Black-head Gull [Summer] – lesser Black-back Gull – Great Black-back Gull – Cromorants – not forgetting the Robin that follow me around

Black Redstart