Covid 19 bird race

For the  past 35 years I have done a bird race (ie how many different species in a day) with a group of friends. Circumstances led to new rules: two 1 hour trips within 24 hr but two different days, no cars permitted, plus as long as you could manage in your garden during that time. While I am in N Cardiff my compatriots were in N Lancs (near Leighton Moss), Peebles, and W of Edinburgh.  Astonishingly we reached 110 species – I do not lie.  Leighton Moss had a big part to play but I managed 51 species, including hawfinch, kingfisher, wood warbler, and jay (I mention the last because they can be impossible in May). Lesser whitethroat was a blocker (they are singing away on Glamorgan flats but too far to go)

Noting John Wilsons Covid shutdown list, I have reached 78 – all on foot or on bike (typically with no bins) – if only I could get to the coast.

But the challenge has definitely made life more bearable.  Lets just hope there is no repeat in 2021.

2 thoughts on “Covid 19 bird race

  1. aggleton

    thanks John, the planning was much of the fun – as was trying to recce during our 1 hr exercise. Some things like yellowhammer just out of reach. Very lucky with female hawfinch, right overhead while I was listening for wood warbler at forest ganol/castel coch. Stuck on 78 for my home/local list – need a restart and more

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